Retired Hooters (Old Lady) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Droopers/Retired Tooters / Hooters’ Costume

Retired Hooters Old Lady Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Hanging Breast Prop Start with this adult-only prop of a hanging boob.
2 Hooters Costume Then, wear a Hooters costume on top of it with the breast hanging out.
3 Hooters Top You may do it yourself by cutting this top into a cropped top.
4 Orange Shorts Wear orange shorts, too.
5 White Old Lady Wig Keep the old lady look rocking with this wig.
6 Leg Warmers Get a pair of leg warmers.
7 Sneakers Complete the costume with a pair of sneakers.

An old retired Hooters outfit features the classic Hooters top, orange shorts, and a playful hanging breast prop for a touch of naught. Complete the look with a Hooters costume, a white old lady wig, stylish leg warmers, and comfortable sneakers.

About Retired Hooters

Hooters is a restaurant chain that started in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida. It’s known for its wings, beer, and Hooters Girls, who are waitresses dressed in revealing outfits. Hooters has grown into an international sensation, with more than 420 locations in 29 countries, and the company also raises money for important local and national charities through the Hooters Community Endowment Fund. A meme about old hooters retiring but still wearing revealing clothes got viral.