Girl Scout Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Girl Scout’s Costume

Keep true to the scout’s honor with a cool iteraton of the Girl Scout’s costume. Start it off wit a white top. Then pair it with a green jumper or skirt. Match the green color with a green sash and decorate it wtih numerous pins. Get a yellow neckerchief, too. To complete the costume, wear a green beret, long socks, and shoes. Bring in a box of cookies for props, too!

These are the pieces you can get to dress like a girl scout:

Girl Scouts Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Top Get this fitted white top.
2 Green Jumper Wear this green jumper on top of the white shirt.
3 Green Sash You may also cop this green sash to nail the girl scout look.
4 Pins Decorate the sash with many pins.
5 Yellow Neckechief Tie this yellow cloth on the neck.
6 Green beret Keep the look green with a beret.
7 Long socks Get this pair of long white socks.
8 White shoes Match the socks with white pumps.
9 Box of Cookies Keep the look cool with a box of cookies.

About Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of the USA is an organization for young girls in the USA. It has a program to empower girls with a set of activities, entrepreneurship opportunities, and the like.

Among the many traditions of the Girl Scout include community service, camping, and various fund raisers. Troops advance through a process called “bridging” were girls go up a level. World Thinking Day is a day celebrated on February 22 where girl scouts “think” of their sisters all over the world and offer them presentations and appreciation.