Rainbow Fairy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Rainbow Fairy’s Costume

Nothing shouts fairy better than an all-color outfit. To nail the Rainbow Fairy costume, simply start off with a colorful corset and wear it with a matching rainbow skirt. You can also cop a rainbow pair of thigh-high socks and colored pumps. To complete the costume, get a colored wig and a set of cute fairy wings.

Be the life of the costume party and spread your magic with the pieces below:

Rainbow Fairy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Coloful Corset Cop this eye-catching corset.
2 Colorful Tulle Skirt Match it with this colorful skirt.
3 Rainbow Socks Then wear this thigh-high socks.
4 Purple Peep Toe Slip on this cute peep-toe heels.
5 Pink Wig Wear this beautiful wig.
6 Purple Wing Complete the outfit with this pair of wings.
7 Fairy Costume Get this packaged set for a one-stop costume.

About Rainbow Fairy

Fairies are mythical creatures often describes as beautiful beings. They are said to have originated from European folklore and are often described as having magical abilities or supernatural ones.

Beliefs and behaviors inspired by the fairy is the practice of bringing and ringing a bell to ward them off. Others include wearing shirts inside-out, using charms, and eating specific food. Popular fairies in the media include children’s comic Winx Club, the Rainbow Magic franchise, and more.