Miss Matched Witch Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Miss Match Witch’s Costume

The Miss matched witch is a fun take to the usual witch costume. To get this look, get a black bodice or corset top and change the laces into rainbow laces to add a colorful accent. Pair it with a black skirt styled with neon-colored belt and a blue tulle overlay on the skirt. Wear neon gloves, too! Cop multi-colored striped tights and wear it with blue pumps. Complete the costume with a witch’s hat.

Turn heads with your fun witch’s costume and check off the items from your shopping list below:

Miss Matched Witch Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Corset Cop this black bustier top.
2 Rainbow lace Replace the laces with rainbow laces.
3 Neon Belt Decorate this rop with a neon belt.
4 Rainbow Tights Wear rainbow tights.
5 Black Skirt Top the tights with a black skirt.
6 Blue Tulle Add a blue overlay on the skirt.
7 Neon Fishnet Gloves Wear neon gloves.
8 Blue Pumps Slip on this cool blue pumps.
9 Purple Wig Keep the look fun with a purple wig.
10 Witch Hat Style the look with a witche’s hat and decorate with remaining tulle ribbon and coloful lace.
11 Broom No witch costume is complete without her broom
12 Costume set full costume set for kids

About Witches

Witchcraft is a form of sorcery and practice of magic. Women who practices witchcraft are called witches. They have been vilified and persecuted throughout history. Most notably in Old Testament persecutions and movements against the practice as well as the Salem Witch Trials.

Witches are described to have worn black and to have worshipped dark magic. They appear in many facets of popular culture. One of the best known titles being the Harry Potter franchise.