Jack in the Box Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Jack in the Box Costume

Jack In The Box Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Clown Costume Set Wear this clown costume to look like the jester inside the toy box.
2 Clown Shoes A pair of clown shoes will complete your hilarious outfit.
3 Jester Hat Instead of wearing a colorful wig, why not opt for a funny jester hat instead?
4 Clown Makeup Use this set to look like a clown.
5 Cardboard Box Use this box as your costume’s main compartment.
6 Assorted Acrylic Paint Paint the box with as many colors as you want, and in any design!
7 Bright Satin Fabric Use the bright satin fabric to make the costume look more seamless.
8 Nylon Webbing Pick a brightly colored nylon webbing and create straps so you can wear the main compartment.

The Jack in a Box has been a classic children’s toy for ages. In fact, it’s been in production for so long that it has garnered different kinds of reputation.

On one hand, it’s still seen as a nice and fun-filled toy for kids. But is has also been the star of many a horror story or film. After all, who isn’t afraid of the unknown… and clowns, right?

Dressing up as a Jack in the Box is fun! It’s super customizable. You can go as a brightly colored clown or a gothic devil, and it’ll still be appropriate.

For this outfit, you will need a clown outfit, yellow satin fabric, a cardboard box, and lots of acrylic paint. Here’s everything you need to look like a Jack in the Box.

About Jack in a Box

One theory about the origin of the Jack in the Box says that it was created during the 14 century by an Englishman. It was said that he was able to cast the devil in a boot and thus the Devil in a Box was born. From that idea, the children’s toy emerged.

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