Medusa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Medusa Costume

Medusa Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Greek-Styled Gown Get a plain black night gown in Greek style.
2 Golden Sandals Pair up the dress with sparkling golden sandals.
3 Golden Arm Cuff Look for a gold armband with a snake design.
4 Golden Bracelets Match your armband with a gold bracelet, also with a snake design.
5 Golden Necklace Get a lavish golden snake necklace to match with other accessories.
6 serpant headpiece Most important part of the costume.
7 Rubber Snakes Get a lot of rubber snakes and cut each one in half, then glue them on the hat until you can’t see the hat’s surface to recreate Medusa’s hair.
8 Full Costume If you are in a hurry

Although Medusa’s style is various depending on each interpretation throughout time, we are going to present to you her simple look yet captivating.

In this look Medusa still has her iconic snake hair. She wears a black Greek-style gown and golden sandals. For accessories, she wears a golden arm cuff, golden bracelets, and golden necklace. If you want to recreate Medusa’s look, follow our list down below!

About Medusa

Medusa is one of the most famous mythical beings (or monsters for some people) in Greek mythology. People perceive her as a woman who has snakes as her hair with a power of turning people into stone by looking into their eyes.

Medusa is categorized as a Gorgon, which could roughly means monster, but only she’s the mortal one. In Ovid’s myths, Medusa comes to be a monster that she is because she’s cursed by Athena. What make the Goddess of Wisdom becomes very angry is that Medusa gets raped by Poseidon in her own temple. It is pretty devastating to see that, according to Ovid, Medusa becomes a victim again and again.