Siren Head Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Siren Head Costume

Siren Head Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Top Start off your costume with a black long-sleeved top as your base.
2 Black Leggings Match your top with a pair of plain black leggings.
3 EVA Foam Use lightweight EVA foam to create the skeletal body of Sire Head.
4 Cone-Shaped Sytrofoam Use cone-shaped Styrofoam as the siren-shaped heads of your costume.
5 Cylindrical Styrofoam A cylindrical Styrofoam is a lightweight choice as the neck of your costume.
6 Acrylic Paint Color your skeleton, neck, and heads with acrylic paint to make everything more realistic looking.
7 Kids Costume Set Transform your kid in to Siren Head with this costume set.
8 Costume Set No more DIY-ing if you get this costume set instead.

Beware when traveling in rural areas as you might see the tall and monstrous Siren Head. A towering humanoid monster, Siren Head can easily hide among tall trees and fauna. It will mimic and play different kinds of sounds to lure in its victims, from the voices of loved ones to distressed calls.

Siren Head is usually depicted as a tall, skeletal-like monster with two sirens atop its body. To look like Siren Head, you will need to wear black leggings and a black top. Use EVA foam, acrylic paint, and cone-shaped Styrofoam to create Siren Head’s body.

About Siren Head

Siren Head is a fictional character and a cryptid created by the artist Trevor Henderson. It is depicted as a tall, thin figure with two loudspeakers for a head, emitting various disturbing sounds. The creature gained popularity through online horror stories and fan-made content, and has become a prominent figure within internet horror culture. With its eerie appearance and unnerving abilities, Siren Head has captivated fans of horror and paranormal lore around the world.

Siren Head was first introduced in 2018. Trevor Henderson, its creator, posted its first picture in the sites Tumblr and Twitter.

Siren Head gained further popularity when two groups of game developers created a horror game featuring it in 2018 and 2019.

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