Party Pooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Party Pooper Costume

Party Pooper Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Colorful Long Sleeve Shirt Wear this colorful long-sleeved shirt to set the festive mood of your witty get-up.
2 Casual Relaxed Fit Pants Partner your top with this comfortable relaxed-fit casual pants.
3 Casual Canvas Sneaker Shoes Choose this original and amusing casual canvas sneaker shoes.
4 Toilet Costume Put on this toilet costume to present a conspicuous hint about your humorous costume.
5 Party Hat and Party Glasses Put on these party hat and party glasses to build up your entertaining outfit.
6 Party Balloons Complete your comical attire by adding these party balloons.

Party Pooper is a disappointment to those who are having fun. To look like a pun of the term, you will need to wear a colorful long-sleeved shirt, relaxed-fit casual pants, casual canvas sneaker shoes, a toilet costume, a party hat, party glasses, and party balloons.

About Party Pooper

Party Pooper is a term used for someone who ruins a joyful mood by being gloomy or declining to participate in the activities and festivities. Other terms for a party pooper are killjoy, wet blanket, and spoilsport, as party poopers spoil the fun of others. The term was first encountered in the 1940s.

Originally, the first party poopers were not necessarily irksome to be around or averse to fun. They were just people who, because of leaving the party, set off the other attendees to start leaving as well. By being already tired (“pooped”), they effectively tire the rest of the party.

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