Pin Up Girls Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Pin Up Girls’ Costume

We must say that there are many styles when it comes to these pin up girls, but we got to choose one right? This pin up girl wears an under garment corset to make her waist slim, a blue polka-dotted dress, a red ribbon belt, red earrings and a red necklace, stockings, and red high heels.

Do you like this look and want to recreate it? Checkout our item list down below!

Pin Up Girls Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Underbust Corset Get an underbust corset to wear under your garment.
2 Little Blue Dress with Polka Dots Wear a blue dress with white polka dots.
3 Red Ribbon Belt Fasten a red ribbon belt around your waist.
4 Nude Stockings Get a pair of nude stockings to wear.
5 Cherry Red High Heels Match the outfit with cherry red high heels.
6 Ginger Retro Wig Use a wig to recreate red hair with retro style.
7 Red Earrings and Necklace Bead Set Fetch a set of red earrings and bead necklace to wear.
8 Red Nail Polish Paint your nails red.
9 Red Lipstick Give yourself a cherry red lip.
10 Temporary Color Tattoos This is optional for those who want to spice up their look.
11 Red Cat Eye Glasses This is also optional.
12 Full Costume Get this full costume to save your time.

About Pin Up Girls

The word “Pin up” generally refers to a wide range of pop culture products, from painting to photography. Anything pin up is basically anything that appeals to the mass. But of course, here we talk about pin up girls. They are the older days model with best hair, tiny waist, and dashing smile. These images often come across sexy and playful; made to be appeal to men.

But don’t be surprise that they were also male pin up. They were often referred to as “beefcake,” while the ladies “cheesecake” (both are American slang). Pin up models are expected to come from mid 20th century.