New Orleans Saints Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make the Saints Cheerleader Costume

New Orleans Saints Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Crop Top Wear a black crop top start.
2 Yellow Bralette Then, add a yellow bralette to the top.
3 Yellow Skirt Get a yellow skirt to match the bralette.
4 Fleur de Lis Patch You can also add Fleur de lis patches to the shirt’s sleeves and the skirt.
5 Boots Be sure to add a pair of black boots.
6 Gold and Black Pompoms Keep the cheer spirit going with these cool pompoms.

You can be one of the Saints Cheerleaders for a day by wearing an outfit inspired by them! Get a Fleur de lis patch and add it the sleeves of a black crop top and a yellow skirt. Then, wear a yellow bralette on top of the shirt. Complete the costume by wearing black boots and by carrying black-gold pompoms.

About the Saints Cheerleaders

The Saints Cheerleaders or the The New Orleans Saints Cheer Krewe is the official cheerleading and entertainment squad for the New Orleans Saints. This dynamic group of individuals, with diverse backgrounds and experiences, is committed to supporting the team and creating a memorable experience for fans. Known for their high-energy performances and audience interaction, the team consistently delivers an unforgettable experience during games.