Rainbow Cloud Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Rainbow Cloud Costume

Rainbow Cloud Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cloud Hat You can start the look with this plush cloud hat.
2 Bucket Hat For a DIY cloud, use a bucket hat as base.
3 Cloud Prop Stick some clouds on the hat to complete the piece.
4 Rainbow Outfit For this costume, be sure to wear a rainbow piece.
5 Rainbow Skirt Then, add another colorful touch with your outfit through this skirt.

This cool nature-inspired costume is a good two-in-one look as it features both a cloud and a rainbow. Start the cloud part with a hat adorned with pieces of cotton or synthetic material to represent the fluff of a cloud. Then, wear a rainbow costume or any colorful top or skirt to complete the look.

About Rainbow and Cloud

A Rainbow is a natural phenomenon where light is refracted, reflected, and dispersed in water droplets. This results to a colorful spectrum of light in the sky. It typically occurs after a rain which makes the rainbow costume a natural combo with a cloud outfit. Meanwhile, a cloud is an aerosol that contains liquid droplets which makes way for rainbows to form as well.