Men & Women Referee Costume for Halloween 2019

Costumet Team

How to Make Referee's Costume

Dress like the referee and put your own couple spin to it. You and your partner can both cop a zebra striped shirt and a pair of black pants (ladies can cop shorts, too). Then wear comfortable footwear as referees do so they can keep up with the game. The ladies could wear long socks. Carry a whistle to complete the costume.

It's a costume style tie! Wear the pieces below to rep the couple referee costume:

For Female Referee Costume

Women Referee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped Shirt Wear a matching striped blouse.
2 Black Shorts Pair the top with shorts.
3 Striped Socks Get this pair of socks.
4 Lace-up Heel Then wear it with this lace-up heel.
5 Cap Wear this cap, tpp.
6 Whistle Carry a whistle of choice.
7 Female Costume Ladies could wear this full costume, too.

For Male Referee Costume

Men Referee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped Shirt Look for a striped shirt..
2 Black Pants Pair it with black pants.
3 Black Shoes Wear black shoes.
4 Whistle Carry a whistle to complete the look.
5 Male Costume The men could cop this complete referee costume.

About Referee

Referees is a person in sporting game that oversees the rules and makes sure such rules are followed within the game. They have the authority to call fouls or violations in the game. They are expected to be neutral in the game.

They wear striped shirts or other clothing notably different from that of the athletes. Striped ones are usually worn and was popularized by North American referees.