Traffic Cone & Light Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Traffic Cone and Light’s Costume

Traffic Cone And Light Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Traffic Cone Hat Wear a traffic cone hat to start the outfit.
2 Cardboard Get a piece of cardboard that can cover your torso. Cut holes for the head and shoulder straps, too.
3 White Paint Add a layer of white paint to the cardboard.
4 Yellow Paint Once the white paint dries, add a light color of your choice as the base.
5 Black Sticker Use a sheet of black sticker to recreate the traffic light outline.
6 Colored Round Stickers Add these floor stickers (yellow, green, red) on the black sticker outline.
7 Traffic Light Shirt You can also just wear this shirt with traffic lights.
8 Complete Set You can also choose this full costume set, too.

For this traffic cone and light costume, you can get a full costume set. For a DIY take, you can design a large cardboard with the face of a traffic light using black, red, green, and yellow stickers.

About Traffic Cone and Light

A Traffic Light is a device used to signal traffic on roads and highways. They go green to signal cars to move, red to stop, and orange or yellow to inform motorists that the lights are about to switch. Meanwhile, a Traffic Cone are items used on the road to safely redirect traffic. They can often be seen around road closures and maintenance work.