Roller Coaster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

When you hear the words ‘thrill ride,’ the first thing you probably envision is a roller coaster. Everybody knows what a roller coaster is (although not all find them fun). If you want a costume that’s both hilarious and universally-known, go as your own roller coaster!

Going as a roller coaster is perfect if the costume is for a pair or a large group. While you will need to do a bit of extensive DIY-ing, the materials you’ll be using are easy to procure. That includes a moving box, pool noodles, a PVC pipe, and duct tape to name a few. Here’s everything you need to look like you’re in a Roller Coaster.

How to Make Roller Coaster Costume

Roller Coaster Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Extra Large Moving Box Make sure you get an extra-large moving box that will fit you.
2 Pool Noodles Use pool noodles as the faux railings of your coaster cart.
3 PVC Pipe Use cut-outs of the PVC pipe to make the noodle railings stronger.
4 Duct Tape Use the duct tape to keep all the roller coaster pieces in place.
5 Assorted Acrylic Paint Don’t forget to paint your coaster cart.
6 Denim Pants A pair of denim pants can look like you’re sitting down.
7 Stuffing Make your pants look like it has legs inside with stuffing.
8 Sneakers Match your pants with a pair of sneakers.

About Roller Coaster

The first modern roller coaster was built in 1817. It was called the Promenades Aeriennes and was found in Paris.

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