Burglar Couple Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Burglar Couple Costume

Burglar Couple Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pair of Black and White Striped Long Sleeve Shirts Choose these black and white striped long-sleeved shirts to help you easily merge with your dark surroundings.
2 Black Pants for Men Pick this comfortable but tough black pants for more agile movements.
3 Black Pants for Women In the same way, select this comfy yet durable black pants for better maneuverability.
4 Two Pairs of Black Sneakers Wear these snuggly black sneakers for traction and quick get-aways.
5 Pair of Black Beanies Cover your hairstyle by donning these black beanies.
6 2 Sets of Masks, Gloves, and Money Bags Complete your get-up by covering part of your face with these masks, protecting your hands and prints with these gloves, and carrying these money bags.
7 Full Costume Set Go for this burglar couple full costume set instead of DIY-ing for an easier transition to your life of crime.

The Burglar Couple is a fascinating look on how lovers turn literally into partners-in-crime. There are a lot of them throughout history. Without a doubt, the most famous of these strayed pairs are Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, or more known as the infamous Bonnie and Clyde. During their crime spree, the lovers robbed numerous gas stations, restaurants, and local banks, and murdered at least 13 people. They were eventually ambushed and killed by law enforcers.

The Burglar Couple are outlaws who are very much in love. They wear long-sleeved black and white striped T-shirts, black pants, black sneakers, black gloves, and black masks.

About Burglar Couple (Bonnie and Clyde)

Bonnie likes to write poetry. She wrote 10 poems when she was briefly in jail which she grouped as Poetry from Life’s Other Side, and continued writing poems until the day she died. Clyde, on the other hand, is into music. He was very good in playing the guitar and saxophone.

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