Taco Belle Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Taco Belle costume

Taco Belle Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Princess Belle Ball Gown Feel like a beautiful princess in this wonderful yellow princess ball gown.
2 Princess Bell Brunette Wig Be like Princess Belle and wear a brunette wig to match her hairstyle accordingly.
3 Red Sheer Fabric Use this red sheer fabric as red tomatoes. Place it strategically all over your yellow ball gown.
4 Green Sheer Fabric Use this green sheer fabric as green lettuce. Place it strategically all over your yellow ball gown.
5 Fabric Glue No need to sew your cloths if you have a handy fabric glue with you.

Most people love puns. Being punny is something that everyone of any age can appreciate. So why not translate those witty remarks into costumes as well? Taco Belle is the combination of Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast as well as the famous Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell.

Who wouldn’t want to be the ultimate Fast Food Princess, right? It’s a foodie’s dream come true and a pun master’s ultimate masterpiece.

Taco Belle uses the gold ball gown from Beauty and the Beast and adds taco-like elements to it like green lettuce and red tomatoes. Here’s everything you need to look like Taco Belle.

About the Taco Belle

The Taco Belle costume trend was first done by then-college student Olivia Mears after a 2012 photoshoot. Dressed as Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast, she decided to dine in her local Taco Bell. In 2015, she transformed this into a full-blown pun when she designed a Belle gown complete with tacos.

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