Zipper Face Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Zipper Face Costume

Zipper Face Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Zipper Don’t forget to get a zipper since that’s the main star of the show!
2 Spirit Gum Spirit gum is used in special effects makeup as an adhesive. Use this to glue the zipper to your face. The gum will blend more easily with your skin making it look like the zipper is actually part of you.
3 FX Makeup Kit Use FX makeup to make the inside part of the look seem like your flesh. Make it as bloody and gory, fresh or rotting as you want it to be!
4 Zipper Face Makeup Kit If you don’t want to buy everything individually, you can also get a zipper face makeup kit.
5 Mask You can recreate the zipper face effect with this mask easily

Zipper Face is a type of costume that has been around for quite some time, but it has been in the spotlight recently because of the influx of tutorials suddenly available in YouTube for it. Well, if you think about it Zipper Face does make for a really gruesome costume. It’s so versatile as well!

The outfit you need for Zipper Face varies depending on your preference. You can go in a hoodie and sweats. You can go as a gothic priestess or a fairy queen. You can go as a zombie or a policeman.

It doesn’t matter! So as long as your face makeup gives the illusion that you have an open zipper running across your face, showing your bloody flesh below. Here’s everything you need to look like you have a Zipper Face.

About Zipper Face

There are many Zipper Face makeup tutorial videos found in YouTube. You can a pick from all the beauty gurus who loved featuring this costume in their channels.

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Zipper face makeup tutorial

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