The Zombie Prom Queen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Zombie Prom Queen Costume

Zombie Prom Queen Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Wear this pristine white cocktail dress as your prom gown.
2 White Heels Pair your dress with these awesome white heels.
3 Varsity Jacket Add a touch of high school spirit by donning on a varsity jacket.
4 Prom Queen Sash Let everyone know you’re the queen with this sash.
5 Fake Blood Splatter yourself with fake blood to make your outfit scary.
6 FX Makeup Use FX makeup to make yourself look dead.
7 Full Costume Set You can also avail this costume set if you don’t want to DIY.
8 Dead flowers Optional
9 Tiara As a prom queen you’ll need a tiara.

Well, this is definitely your LAST dance! Prom is an event in a high schooler’s life that is either the best or the worst. Some might dislike it if they’re not popular enough or just not into social gatherings.

But others, especially those eyeing to be in the prom court, make it their life’s mission to create the best possible prom there is. Of course, jealousies run wild when the Prom Queen and King are actually chosen. Who’s to say that they won’t be killed out of spite, right?

Well, in this costume, you’re definitely an unlucky prom queen since you’re obviously dead. But don’t you worry because then you can be Queen of the Dead.

All you need is a beautiful prom gown, a tiara, a ‘Prom Queen’ sash, fake blood, and FX makeup. Here’s everything you need to look like a Zombie Prom Queen.

About a Prom Queen

A promenade dance, or more commonly known as the Prom, is a semi-formal gathering for high school students. During the dance, a prom queen and king are elected from a school-wide vote.

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