Dress Like a Dead Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

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Gimme a D-E-A-D! GO, the Dead! Cheerleaders are mostly known to be a sport indulged by female high schoolers. Well, as far as movies go that is.

So it can be reckoned that Cheerleading can be a symbol of feminine innocence in a way. And how can you make something creepy creepier? Well, add a touch of innocence to it!

Seeing an innocent girl as a dead person will inherently make everything all the more terrifying because you know how realistic death could be.

For this outfit, you will need a cheerleader’s uniform, pompoms, white sneakers, fake blood, and FX makeup. Here’s everything you need to look like a Dead Cheerleader.

How to make a Dead Cheerleader Costume

Dead Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cheerleading Uniform with Pompoms As a base for your ultimate scary outfit, use this cheerleading uniform set.
2 Bloody Thigh-High White Socks To add better to the gory effect, why not wear a pair of bloodied thigh-high white socks?
3 White Sneakers Partner your outfit with wipeable white sneakers.
4 Blue Cheerleading Ribbon Don’t forget to put dark-colored ribbons on your hair.
5 Fake Blood Splatter your outfit with fake blood to make it look horrifying.
6 Zombie FX Makeup Use FX makeup to make yourself look dead.
7 Full Costume Set You can also avail of this ready-made Dead Cheerleader costume set.
8 Full costume for girls Readymade costume for girls

About Cheerleading

Cheerleading is primarily an activity where participants (called cheerleaders) motivate their sports teams through chants and routines. It has now become a competitive sport in itself.

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