The Dead Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Dead Cheerleader Costume

Dead Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Cheerleading Uniform with Pompoms As a base for your ultimate scary outfit, use this cheerleading uniform set.
2 Bloody Thigh-High White Socks To add better to the gory effect, why not wear a pair of bloodied thigh-high white socks?
3 White Sneakers Partner your outfit with wipeable white sneakers.
4 Blue Cheerleading Ribbon Don’t forget to put dark-colored ribbons on your hair.
5 Fake Blood Splatter your outfit with fake blood to make it look horrifying.
6 Zombie FX Makeup Use FX makeup to make yourself look dead.
7 Full Costume Set You can also avail of this ready-made Dead Cheerleader costume set.
8 Full costume for girls Readymade costume for girls

Gimme a D-E-A-D! GO, the Dead! Cheerleaders are mostly known to be a sport indulged by female high schoolers. Well, as far as movies go that is.

So it can be reckoned that Cheerleading can be a symbol of feminine innocence in a way. And how can you make something creepy creepier? Well, add a touch of innocence to it!

Seeing an innocent girl as a dead person will inherently make everything all the more terrifying because you know how realistic death could be.

For this outfit, you will need a cheerleader’s uniform, pompoms, white sneakers, fake blood, and FX makeup. Here’s everything you need to look like a Dead Cheerleader.

About Cheerleading

Cheerleading is primarily an activity where participants (called cheerleaders) motivate their sports teams through chants and routines. It has now become a competitive sport in itself.

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