Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Clawdeen Wolf Costume

Clawdeen Wolf Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Animal-Print Shirt Show off Clawdeen’s animal spirit with a cool pink animal-print shirt.
2 Crop Jacket Top the shirt with a half-body black jacket, preferably with fur neck.
3 Purple Skirt Clawdeen’s purple skirt makes her outfit look feminine.
4 Orange ¾ Shorts Clawdeen pairs her skirt with bright orange ¾ shorts.
5 Black Belt with Gold Studs Add a little edgy vibe to your Clawdeen outfit with a thick black belt covered with golden studs.
6 Purple Shoes Instead of looking for hard-to-find platforms with thigh-high buckles, why not wear a pair of purple heeled boots instead?
7 Choker Layer chokers and necklaces to emulate Clawdeen’s look.
8 Wig Wear this Clawdeen wig to get her signature hairstyle.
9 Purple Temporary Hair Wax Give yourself a purple highlight, like Clawdeen.
10 Fangs Get a pair of Halloween fangs prop to wear.
11 Dog Ear Headband Get a dog-ear headband to give an impression that you have wolf ears.
12 Kids Costume Set Transform your little girl into Clawdeen with this costume set.

Clawdeen is very confident and energetic. Her love for sports can be seen from her athletic prowess since she’s part of three teams: soccer, baseball, and track and field. She’s also very loyal to her friends and will anything to keep them happy. Clawdeen is also very resourceful. She doesn’t need brand-new clothes to make herself look in fashion.

Clawdeen’s style can be described as edgy femme. She has on a pink animal-print top, a black cropped cardigan, a purple skirt, and purple heels. Let’s not forget her awesome purple hair highlights as well. Here’s everything you need to look like Clawdeen Wolf.

About Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf is voiced by Salli Saffioti under the name of Celeste Henderson.

Clawdeen Wolf is a character in a doll franchise “Monster High,” which gradually developed to being a horror-girly TV show and movies. The animation in both platform received a huge amount of popularity.

Clawdeen Wolf is a werewolf girl that’s filled with confidence, energy, and a load of fierceness. When she sees something similar to full moon, or the real full moon, Clawdeen tends to get weird and act oddly. Moreover, she’s super loyal and protective of her friends, and would get furious when any harms come to the loyalty she gave.

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