Cleo de Nile (Monster High) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Cleo de Nile Costume

Cleo De Nile Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Sheer Top Cleo wears a blue sheer top. This babydoll is a great alternative. Just make sure to wear gauze wrappings in the chest area to make it look more modest.
2 Mummy Wrap Leggings Get this awesome pair of mummy wrap leggings to copy Cleo’s own pair.
3 Gauze Use rolls of gauze to create mummy-like wrappings all over your arms and torso.
4 Gold Tie-Up Sandals Cleo has an awesome pair of tie-up sandals and this gold pair is just as great.
5 Gold Dangling Earrings Wear a pair of dangling earrings to look like Princess Cleo.
6 Gold Garter Wear this gold garter since Cleo wears one to keep her phone in.
7 Gold Belt Style up your mummy wrappings with a gold belt.
8 Wig Wear this Cleo wig to copy her signature hairstyle.
9 Kids Costume Set Transform your little girl into Cleo with this costume set.

Before becoming a monster, Cleo was a real human Egyptian princess. Unfortunately, she and most of her family had to undergo an enchanted sleep which woke them up only a thousand years after. That’s when they joined the monster society. Being raised a princess, Cleo is every bit the selfish and arrogant royalty that she is. But this Queen Bee also hides a very compassionate and caring personality.

Cleo has long black hair with glittering strands. Her outfit looks mostly like mummy wrappings except that she has a blue sheer cloth as an additional top. She also wears a gold garter for her phone, a gold belt, gold earrings, and awesome tie-up sandals. Here’s everything you need to look like Cleo de Nile.

About Cleo De Nile

Cleo de Nile is a popular character from the Monster High franchise. She is the daughter of the mummy and is known for her confident and regal demeanor. Cleo is depicted as a natural leader among her peers, with strong opinions and a keen fashion sense. Her storyline often revolves around issues of leadership, friendship, and embracing one’s heritage in a high school setting filled with other iconic monster characters.

Cleo de Nile is voiced by Salli Saffioti under the name of Celeste Henderson.

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