Draculaura (Monster High) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Draculaura from Monster High costume

Draculaura Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Net Shirt with Long Sleeves Get a black net shirt with long sleeves to wear.
2 Pink Tuxedo Vest Top the shirt with a hot pink vest
3 White Mini Skirt Pair up your top with a white mini skirt.
4 Small Bow Tie Attach a small bow tie, either in black or white, around your neck.
5 Black Net Stockings Pick a pair of black net stockings to wears.
6 High Pink Boots Match up your outfit with edgy pink boots.
7 Draculaura’s wig Recreate Draculaura’s hairstyle with a black piggy tails wig with pink highlight.
8 Black and Pink Earrings Choose earrings in Emo style that you like. Still, they should be black and pink.
9 Pink Bat Choker Look for a pink bat choker to wear.
10 Makeup Kit Contains makeup items & accessories
11 Full Costume Full costume is also available for girls
12 Full Costume #2 Another option for full costume

Draculaura’s style is the mixture and contrast between black and hot pink. She has black hair with pink highlighted. She wears a black see-through net shirt topped with a pink vest with a small bow collar, a white mini skirt, black net stockings, and high black and pink boots.

She also loves to wear fancy earrings. Does Draculaura’s style look good? Checkout our item list down below to recreate this look!

About Draculaura

Draculaura is one of the main characters in Monster High, an American Fashion doll line that also produces many animated movies to serve its popularity.

Draculaura is a vampire. She is an adopted daughter of Dracula. Despite being a blood sucking creature, Draculaura claims to be a vegetarian and also faints at the sight of blood. In result, her favorite food is fruit. Draculaura has a very positive attitude about life; she’s outgoing and always encouraging her friends. Her ability is to fly like a bat.