Kitana (Mortal Kombat) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Princess Kitana Costume

Kitana Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Crisscross Halter Top Kitana wears a beautiful and unique metallic blue halter top with a black crisscross design above her cleavage. Use this top as a base and cover it with metallic blue fabric and silver linings to copy Kitana’s top. You can also alter the top portion a bit to make it look nearer to the one Kitana wears.
2 Metallic Blue Shorts Going around in a thong may be a bit awkward for you so you can opt for a pair of metallic blue shorts instead. You can just sew on a fabric of a similar shade on the front to make Kitana’s loincloth.
3 Blue Over the Knee Boots It may not be the most efficient footwear to have on a fight but it does make an amazing fashion statement. Plus, Kitana’s smart enough to use it to her advantage.
4 Large Blue Fans Create Kitana’s iconic Steel Fans from a pair of large blue foldable fans. Just paint the frame with a silver color.
5 Metallic Blue Fabric Use this to ensure that your Kitana outfit’s color is uniformed. You can also use this to create Kitana’s coronet.
6 Metallic Silver Fabric Use this fabric to create the silver linings found in various key pieces of Kitana’s outfit.
7 Blue Satin Dress Gloves Kitana wears blue gloves
8 Long Black Wig. If you don’t have long black hairs like her, you can use a wig.
9 Full Costume If you don’t have the time to make your own Kitana outfit, you can always choose to buy a full Kitana costume set.

She may be 10,000 years old but the Princess of Edenia is looking pretty good. But she’s not only beautiful outside. Kitana may have started out as loyal to the evil emperor but she quickly realized her true mission in life and sided with the Light.

Kitana has had many outfits throughout the series but the most popular one is her regal, cerulean colored attire. This showcases a beautiful halter top with a black crisscross design in the front, a very short thong with a long loincloth in the front, knee-high boots, and her Steel Fans.

Here’s everything you need to look like Kitana.

About Kitana

Kitana has had many actresses portray her but her cerulean attire was featured in Mortal Kombat 2011 so let’s mention the actresses that played her there. For motion capture, Kitana was played by Brenda Barrie who also played DC characters like Wonder Woman and Cat Woman for video games. Kitana was also voiced by Karen Strassman in MK 2011.

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