Wonder Woman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long Dark Brown Wig To recreate Diana’s long dark hair, get a long wavy dark brown wig to wear.
2 Star Tiara Get the Wonder Woman’s star tiara replica and tell the word you’re the Amazonian princess.
3 Chest Armor and Skirt Look for the Wonder Woman’s red chest armor and blue gladiator skirt costume.
4 Cloak This is optional, you should get the blue and red cloak to wear on top of the costume.
5 Gauntlets Look for a pair of gauntlets to recreate Wonder Woman’s bracelets of submission.
6 Upper Arm Cuff A simple piece of upper arm cuff in gold color is perfect.
7 Leather Gloves This is optional, look for a pair of brown leather gloves to show that you’re ready for some actions.
8 Boots Get the replica of Wonder Woman’s boots to finish the costume
9 Golden Rope Get a regular golden rope and use it as a lasso of truth.
10 Sword Prop Gear up with the replica of Wonder Woman’s Godkiller sword.
11 Shield Prop Also, you should pair up the sword with the prop shield.
12 Funko POP Figure Lastly, don’t forget to collect a Wonder Woman (the movie version) figure from Funko POP.

Wonder Woman’s outfit is arguably one of the most famous DC hero costumes next to Batman and Superman. However, her costume has evolved the most out of the trinity. In this movie, Wonder Woman’s outfit is heavily inspired by Greek armor.

She wears a chest armor with a gladiator skirt, a tiara, combat gauntlets (Bracelets of Submission), and knee pads and boots. Her signature weapon are a long sword, a heavy shield, and a lasso of truth. Check our list down below on how to dress like the Amazon warrior princess.

About Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman or Diana Prince, famously played by Gal Gadot, is the protagonist her very first movie Wonder Woman as well as a main character and cameo in other DCEU films: Justice League and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

According the her origin in the movie, Diana was born to Zeus and Hippolyta, the Amazon Queen, making her a demi-god but all the secret was kept from her. She was raised and trained by the Amazons in the sheltered island called Themyscira where there’s no men around.

Time has passed, the mysterious man appears on the island. His name was Steve Trevor and he came with the news of World War One which made Diana worry about mankind. So she decided to escape the paradise island with him to the outside world, fought the war, and later earned the title of “Wonder Woman.”