Annie Wilkes (Misery) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Annie Wilkes’s Costume from Misery

Annie Wilkes may be an antagonist but her costume is surprisingly easy to recreate. What’s good about her outfit is that you can use the pieces for other outfits effortlessly. Start off with a green or olive-colored long-sleeved top. Pair it with a dark grey vest and matching skirt. To complete the outfit, wear a brown wig then top the look with a toy mallet.

This are items you can get to rock a villain’s outfit a-la Annie Wilkes.

Annie Wilkes Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Olive Long Sleeved Top Keep the look cozy with a green or olive jumper.
2 Grey Vest You may also top the green jumper with this vest.
3 Grey Skirt Then wear a matching skirt.
4 Black Socks Wear a pair of long socks.
5 Black Flats Then slip on a pair of black shoes.
6 Brown Wig You may also wear a short brunette wig.
7 Toy Mallet Complete the outfit with this toy mallet.

About Annie Wilkes

Annie Wilkes is an antagonist in the book and film adaptation of Misery. She was said to have studied in nursing school and went to settle in Western Slope, Colorado. She is also a self-professed number one fan of the story’s main character Sheldon, an author. Sheldon thought Annie is mentally unstable after a series of encounters with her, starting from the time Annie took a while to bring him to a hospital after an accident (and proceeded to bring him to her home instead).