Sam & Suzy (Moonrise Kingdom) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Moonrise Kingdom’s Costume

Sam wears a boy scout uniform, a yellow scarf, long brown socks, clear glasses, a fur hat with tail, and brown sneakers. He carries a gun, a map, and a backpack.

Suzy wears a pink dress with white collar, long white socks, and mary jane sneakers. She also carries a black binoculars, a woven bag, a yellow suitcase, and a white flower bouquet.

Do you like to recreate the Moonrise Kingdom’s look? Checkout our item list down below!

Sam Shakusky Costume

Sam Moonrise Kingdom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Khaki Buttoned Down Shirt Put on a khaki buttoned down shirt.
2 Khaki Shorts Pair up the shirt with khaki shorts.
3 Long Brown Socks Get a pair of long socks.
4 Brown Sneakers Match your outfit with brown sneakers.
5 Fur Hat With Tail Get a Raccoon fur hat to wear.
6 Clear Glasses Find a pair of clear glasses with black frames.
7 Yellow Scarf Tie a yellow scarf over your collar.
8 Buy Scout Stickers Put Stickers All Over Your Shirt.
9 Long Wooden Gun Carry a wooden gun as a prop.
10 Map This is optional. Hold a map in your hands.
11 Brown Backpack Carry a brown backpack on your bag.

Suzy Bishop Costume

Suzy Moonrise Kingdom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pink Dress With White Collar Wear a pink long sleeved dress with collar.
2 Long White Socks Put on a pair of long white socks.
3 Sneakers Match the outfit with a pair of sneakers.
4 Black Binoculars Wear binoculars with a strap around your neck.
5 Woven Basket/Bag Carry a woven basket/bag.
6 Yellow Suitcase This is optional. Carry a yellow suitcase.
7 Fake White Flowers Bouquet Hold a bunch of white flower in one hand.

About Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom is one of Wes Anderson’s movies. This title is said to be a reflection on his childhood fantasy and personal experience.The story is about a young couple, Suzy and Sam, who are shunned by everybody. So they’re fleeing their New England town to the isolated beach called Moonrise Kingdom, the action causes a whole locals to search for them.

The film was receiving a lot of praises as it launches in 2012. The movie attentively explores themes of young love, mental health, family issue, and so on.