Ponyo & Sosuke Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ponyo Costume

Ponyo Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Short Puff-Sleeve Dress Choose this casual red short puff-sleeved dress that is befitting a real human girl.
2 White Ruffle Bloomers Wear this white ruffled Lolita bloomers under your dress.
3 Red Beach Flip Flops Protect your delicate feet by putting on these red beach flip flops.
4 Orange Anime Wig Look more like Ponyo with this orange anime wig.
5 Green Pail Bucket Carry along this green pail bucket as your prop.

How to Make Sosuke Costume

Sosuke Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Gold Yellow T-Shirt Pick this golden yellow T-shirt and radiate your boyish appeal.
2 Brown Workout Shorts Continue to show your youthful energy by pairing your top with this brown workout shorts.
3 Light Brown Rubber Flip Flops Complement your outfit with these light brown rubber flip flops.
4 Hair Tropper Look more like Sosuke by using this hair tropper and putting the necessary highlight on the rest of your hair.
5 Toy Beach Boat Bring this toy beach boat along with you as your prop.

Ponyo and Sosuke are the main characters in *Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. Ponyo is a little goldfish girl who is fascinated about the surface world and desires to become a human girl, especially after meeting Sosuke. Sosuke is a carefree and honest 5-year-old human boy who lives near the sea atop a cliff. He rescued Ponyo after she was trapped in a glass jar and washed ashore. The two formed a very strong bond after their first meeting.

Ponyo and Sosuke are very loyal and devoted to each other. They wear a short red puff-sleeved dress, ruffled white bloomers, and red beach flip flops for Ponyo; and a gold yellow T-shirt, brown workout shorts, and light brown rubber flip flops for Sosuke.

About Ponyo and Sosuke

Ponyo was voiced by Yuria Nara. Nara is also known for her roles in Tamagotchi and Chimimo.

Sosuke was voiced by Hiroki Doi. Doi is also known for his roles in Kokuchi sezu.

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