Nancy Drew Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Nancy Drew Costume

Nancy Drew Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Turtleneck Sweater Keep yourself warm and comfy in a yellow turtleneck sweater.
2 Plaid Skirt Match your sweater with a cute plaid skirt.
3 Thick Yellow Belt Accessorize with a thick yellow belt around your waist.
4 Brown Loafers Get comfortable with a pair of brown loafers.
5 Thick Yellow Headband Nancy keeps her hair away from her face with a thick yellow headband.
6 Slueuth Kit No sleuth should be without this sleuth kit!

Arguably the most famous woman sleuth in the world, Nancy Drew is a seventeen-year-old amateur detective who has numerous mysteries solved under her belt. She is a very curious young lady who’s recklessness sometimes gets her in trouble.

Nancy Drew is known to have a timeless fashion. For this outfit, we’re going with the 2007 film adaptation of Nancy. She wears a yellow turtleneck knit sweater, a plaid skirt, a pair of brown Oxfords, a thick yellow belt, and a yellow headband. She also has a gold magnifying glass. Here’s everything you need to look like Nancy Drew.

About Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew was portrayed by Emma Roberts in the 2007 film, Nancy Drew.

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