Vivian Ward & Edward Lewis (Pretty Woman) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Pretty Woman’s Costume

Do you want to recreate this look? Checkout our item list down below!

Vivian Ward Costume

Vivian Ward Pretty Woman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Get a Pretty Woman inspired outfit to wear.
2 Red Jacket Top a red jacket over the outfit or fasten its sleeves around your waist
3 Thigh High Boots Match black leather thigh high boots with the outfit.
4 Key Necklace Find an iconic key necklace to wear.
5 Bracelets Wear lots of bracelet on one of your wrists.
6 Blond Bob Wig Get a blond wig to wear in order to recreate Vivian’s style.
7 Black Cap Top the wig with a cap.
8 Cross Body Bag Carry a black cross body bag.

Though the pink outfit made it to the poster, but this skimpy outfit in the movie is what people recreates the most. Vivian wears a white crop tank tip linked to a tight blue skirt, a red jacket, a black cap and a blond bob wig, a necklace and bracelets, and black thigh high boots. Also, she carries a black cross body bag too.

Edward Lewis’ Costume

This is an extra guide for your partner! Dress as Edward in suit and tie!

Edward Lewis Pretty Woman Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Buttoned Down Shirt Wear a plain white buttoned down shirt.
2 Suit Jacket Top the shirt with a black suit jacket.
3 Neck Tie Pick the tie that you like to wear.
4 Suit Pants Wear to black suit pants to match the jacket.
5 Black Attache As a businessman, you need a attache to carry stuff around.
6 Leather Oxford Shoes Get a pair of black leather Oxford styled shoes to wear.

About Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a 1990 romantic comedy which was a mega hit when it first released. The film starred Julia Roberts as a lead woman and Richard Gere as a love encounter.

As far as the synopsis goes, it is the story about a beautiful escort named Vivian who’s hired by a wealthy man to become his social partner and nothing else. This strange business has turned into a love story when both of them fall for one another.

Not only it was a hit, the film stood against time and earned its place in one of the most classic romantic comedies and popular culture. Thus, it now found its place on our list.