Saturday Night Fever Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Saturday Night Fever Costume

Saturday Night Fever Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

John Travolte/Tony Manero Costume

# Item Description
1 Black Dress Shirt Start off your disco outfit with a black dress shirt as your base.
2 White Waistcoat Pair your shirt with a pristine white waistcoat.
3 White Blazer Look extra snazzy when you wear a white blazer.
4 White Bell Bottom Pants An iconic disco outfit isn’t complete without bell-bottom pants.
5 Black Dress Shoes Get your groove on when you wear a pair of black dress shoes.
6 Gold Chain Necklace Accessorize with a gold chain necklace.
7 Disco Wig Get Tony’s signature look with this wig.
8 Full Set Costume No time to DIY? Get this costume set instead.

Karen Lynn Gorney / Stephanie Mangano Costume

# Item Description
1 Women Dress Red dress for women.
2 Red Heels Match the red dress with red heels.

Tony Manero is an Italian-American Brooklyn youth who decides to spend his weekend nights on the dance floor and drinking at a local discothèque in order to escape the challenges of his life. He’s an icon and all-time favorite character that made disco popular all over the world.

Tony Manero is the king of the local dance floor. He wears a black dress shirt, white three-piece suit with bell-bottom pants, a gold chain, and black dress shoes.

About Tony Manero

Tony Manero was portrayed by John Travolta. Travolta is also known for his roles in Pulp Fiction as Vincent Vega, Get Shorty, and Grease as Danny Zuko.

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