Nancy Downs (The Craft) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Nancy Downs Costume

The Craft Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Button-Down Long-Sleeved Cardigan Keep your outfit basic with a white button-down, long-sleeved cardigan.
2 Green Plaid Skirt Look ultra-90s goth with a green plaid skirt.
3 Black Combat Boots Stick to the edgy vibes with a pair of black combat boots.
4 Fake Nose Ring Don’t forget to wear a fake nose ring like Nancy.
5 Crucifix Cross Drop Earrings Look like the ultimate goth with a pair of crucifix earrings.
6 Black Leather Choker Accessorize with a col black leather choker.
7 Black Rosary Necklace Really look irreverent by using a rosary as an accessory.
8 Sterling Silver Star of David Pendant Nancy also wears a Star of David pendant necklace.
9 Berry Lipstick Add a touch of vampy to your look with a dark berry lipstick.

Nancy Downs starts out as one of the protagonists in the film but steadily becomes its main antagonist until the end. She’s a witchcraft-loving teen trying to improve her disadvantaged life. At first, nothing happens. But she suddenly gains magical abilities when she forms a coven with her friends (and this leads to her ultimate personality change).

Nancy Downs becomes an incredibly powerful but extremely dangerous and unstable witch. She wears a white long-sleeved cardigan, a green plaid skirt, black combat boots, a rosary and other necklaces, a nose ring, and vampy dark lipstick.

About Nancy Downs

Nancy Downs was portrayed by Fairuza Balk. Balk is also known for her roles in Almost Famous, American History X, and Return to Oz.

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