Neo and Trinity (The Matrix) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

How to Make Trinity Costume

Trinity (The Matrix) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Faux Leather Black Halter Top Start off your outfit with a black halter bodysuit.
2 Faux Leather Black Leggings Look cool and sleek in a pair of shiny black leggings.
3 Black Ankle Boots Intimidate while still looking fashionable in pair of black ankle boots.
4 Thin Black Sunglasses Channel that futuristic vibe with this pair of thin glasses.
5 Toy Gun Fight off the bad guys with a costume gun.
6 Shiny Black Leather Coat Look like the futuristic rebel that you are with this long coat.

How to Make Neo Costume

Neo (The Matrix) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long-Sleeved Gym Shirt Start off your outfit with a simple black fitted shirt.
2 Black Pants Keep to the black theme with a pair of serviceable black pants.
3 Black Boots Run around comfortably in a sturdy pair of black boots.
4 Long Black Trench Coat Neo is known for his long black trench coat, so don’t forget to wear it.
5 Thin Black Sunglasses Look as cool as Neo with these awesome sunglasses.

Neo and Trinity are part of a rebel group trying to free humankind from the Matrix, a simulated world made by machines who have enslaved the human race. Neo is the prophesized The One who can end the enslavement and Trinity is there to help him fulfill his destiny.

Both Neo and Trinity prefer wearing indiscrete black outfits when inside the Matrix. They both have on black tops, black pants, black footwear, and long black coats. They also finish both of their looks with black pairs of sunglasses.

You can also wear an Agent Smith costume with the two. All you need is a grey blazer, grey slacks, white dress shirt, black tie, and black sunglasses, and a security ear piece.

About Neo and Trinity

Neo and Trinity are rebels fighting inside and outside and simulated world.

Trinity was portrayed by Carrie-Anne Moss. Moss is also known for her roles in Memento and Fido.

Neo was portrayed by Keanu Reeves. Reeves is also known for his roles in Speed, Point Break, and John Wick.

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