The Shadow's Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make The Shadow’s Costume

The Shadow Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Shirt Start the cosplay with this shirt.
2 Jeans Then, wear denim jeans for your pants.
3 Coat Add a layer of a trench coat to the look.
4 Black Shoes For a cowboy edge, you can wear this pair of boots, too.
5 Scarf Wear his iconic red face cover.
6 Watch He also wears a watch on his wrist.
7 Cowboy Hat Nail his cowboy look with this hat
8 Toy Gun You may also have a pair of these toy guns for prop.

The Shadow stands tall in his role in the film. His clothes include a black shirt, jeans, coat, and boots. He also wears a cowboy hat. To complete his look, do not forget to wear a red scarf to hide the lower part of the face. Carry two fake guns to really nail the costume!

About The Shadow

The Shadow is an American film released in 1994. It stars Alex Baldwin. After the First World War, Lamont Cranston (Baldwin) becomes a drug and warlord in Tibet. Later on, he gets abducted by The Tulku who is a holy man with hopes of converting Cranston into the good side. Cranston, now also known as the Shadow, becomes Tulku’s student. He learns how to hypnotize and then makes himself invisible to others aside from his Shadow. He also becomes a vigilante.