The Terminator Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make The Terminator’s Costume

The Terminator Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Dark T-Shirt Get a plain dark gray T-shirt to wear.
2 Leather Jacket Top the shirt with a black leather jacket.
3 Black Pants Match the top with black pants/jeans.
4 Leather Belt Fasten your pants with a black leather belt.
5 Leather Boots Match the outfit with black leather boots.
6 Finger-less Gloves Add finger-less leather gloves to the look.
7 Sunglasses Get black sunglasses to wear.
8 Ammo Belt Get an ammo belt prop to cross your upper body!
9 Shotgun Prop Carry a shotgun prop to look intimating.
10 Latex Effect Carefully place the latex on your dry face with spirit gum to create a partial terminator face
11 Full Costume for Adults Don’t want to buy piece by piece? Get this full costume here.
12 Full Costume for Kids Dress your little one as a killer machine with this costume.

The terminator wears a dark T-shirt topped with a leather jacket, black pants, a leather belt, leather boots, finger-less gloves, and sunglasses. He often carries a gun and has an ammo belt wrapped around him. We will also add some special robot face to this look. If you think this is a cool look and want to recreate it, checkout our item list down here!

About The Terminator

The Terminator is a 1984 action sci-fi movie about a killer robot sent from the future to hunt down Sarah Connor because her son will grow up to be the leader of men to fight off the robotic threat, Skynet. The movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator. After the success first film, many sequels had been launched in the following years. And of course, the terminator made many comebacks, but as the protagonist instead.

The Terminator is a perfect killing machine since it’s cleaver and able to disguise as human, yet has super endurance to damage and all. Though the original film was in the 80s, its iconic killer robot is still a thing today.