Thanos Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Thanos Costume

Thanos Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mask, Thanos Thanos has a very recognizable face that is not easily replicated without a mask. This mask will help make your costume all the better.
2 Top, Thanos style This top that Thanos wears almost has some techy elements to it and is very unique. The color is also similar to his own skin tone which is interesting.
3 Pants, brown, utility The pants Thanos wears are very simple actually. They are a solid brown color and very versatile, as well as easy to move in.
4 Bodysuit, purple Thanos has very different, purple, skin. You’ll want to wear this bodysuit under the rest of the costume to get the same skin as him.
5 Muscle suit Because Thanos has a very muscular body, you’re going to want to wear this muscle suit under the rest of your costume.
6 Gauntlet, Thanos This gauntlet is very important to Thanos’s character and is the only accessory in his outfit, so it is a very important piece to have.
7 Boots, brown These boots are pretty similar to the boots Thanos wears as they are brown and knee-length like his are.

Thanos is probably one of the most built Marvel evil villains there is. His large, muscular body is a big part of his character and definitely what most people focus on, which is why his outfit is pretty simple with minimal accessories.

Thanos is quickly becoming one of the most popular Marvel villains due to his unique looking purple skin and incredible size; some are even calling him the evil version of Hulk.

Thankfully a Thanos costume is pretty simple to put together; all you need is a Thanos mask, Thanos top, purple body suit, his prized gauntlet, and a few other simple things.

About Thanos

Thanos is an evil villain that has most recently appeared in the new “Avenger: Infinity War” movie. In the movie, he is played by Josh Brolin, through methods of motion capture as well as voice acting.

Thanos is a character that has appeared in many other Marvel creations, though with his latest 2018 appearance, his popularity factor has blown up.