The Baseball Furies (The Warriors) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Baseball Furies’ Costume from The Warrior

Since 1979, the Baseball Furies’ look stands out when in comes to sports film costume inspiration. Baseball Furies’ look can be recreated by wearing the standard-issue pinstripe baseball garb (top and pants), with a quarter sleeve top layered underneath. Then complete the look with white and black face paint and a black cap.

Keep your sporty costume fun with these items below:

Baseball Furies from The Warriors Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Baseball Jersey Get this basic baseball jersey.
2 Baseball shir Then wear this shirt underneath.
3 Pinstripe Pants Cop this pinstripe pants to match the top.
4 Black cap Then make sure to get this black cap.
5 Wavy Wig Pair the cap with this wig.
6 White Face Paint Apply white make up on the face.
7 Black lipstick Draw dark circles in one eye.
8 Wavy Wig Finish the costume with a curly wig.
9 Toy Bat Keep the look on point with a toy bat.
10 Full Costume You can also use this as base of your costume

About Baseball Furies

Baseball Furies is a group of players from the film The Warriors. The movie is about a New York gang on a journey to Coney Island after they were wrongly framed for a crime against another gang leader. The Baseball Furies are major league players who are also known for their action in games and rumbles. They are also known for their warpaint and their territory covers the Riverside, also known as the Upper West Side of Manhattan.