Bernie Lomax (Weekend at Bernie's) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bernie Lomax’s Costume from Weekend at Bernie’s

Make Bernie’s costume come to life with the pieces below:

Bernie Lomax Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped Shirt Start the outfit with this top that features blue and white stripes.
2 Blue Jacket Then you can top it with this jacket, too.
3 Khaki Pants Style the top with this pair of pants.
4 Green shoes Lace up on a pair of green sneakers.
5 Round Sunglasses Get his signature look with this pair of round sunglasses.
6 Moustache Complete the costume by showcasing facial hair like Bernie.

Bernie’s role in the movie may be odd but his style is totally casual and normal. To get his outfit, simply wear a top with white and blue stripes under a blue jacket. Then get a pair of khaki-colored pants, too. You can lace up on your choice green shoes. For his face, you can wear round sunglasses and a fake moustache.

About Weekend at Bernie’s

Weekend at Bernie’s is a dark comedy film. It features two employees from an insurance company who finds our that their boss is dead. Bernie is the boss. The two employees then went through the film making people believe that Bernie is still alive. Later on, they found that Bernie wanted them dead to cover for his embezzled activities.