Pinky from Friday Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Pinky Costume

Pinky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Long Sleeves Button Down Shirt with Pink Cuffs Start your color-loving tough businessman costume by picking this long-sleeved black button-down shirt with pink cuffs.
2 Black Two Piece Suit Gain respect and notoriety in your hood by wearing this two-piece black suit.
3 Pink Tuxedo Suit Shoes Make your favorite color obvious with this pair of pink tuxedo suit shoes.
4 Pink Tie This pink tie is perfect for your notorious image.
5 Pink Retro Glasses Reinforce your reputation by getting these retro pink glasses.
6 Black Curly Wig and Mustache Look more like Pinky with this mustache and black curly wig.
7 Pink Vintage Fabric Use this vintage pink fabric to add the pink design on your character’s blazer.

Pinky is a character in the 2000 American stoner comedy movie and sequel to the 1995 Friday movie Next Friday. He is the owner of Pinky’s record store and the boss of Day Day and Roach. He loves the color pink and often suits up with pink in his clothing. He initially mistook the leading character who was visiting his shop as a robber and held him at gunpoint, but eventually became friends with him, which continued up to the next movie sequel Friday After Next.

Pinky loves to wear pink. He wears a long-sleeved black button-down shirt with pink cuffs, a two-piece black suit with a vintage pink fabric design on the blazer, pink tuxedo suit shoes, a pink tie, and pink retro glasses.

About Pinky

Pinky Winky, commonly known as Pinky, is a character from the 1995 comedy film “Friday” and its sequels. He is portrayed by actor Clifton Powell. Pinky is a small-time neighborhood loan shark who operates out of his store called Brothers Barbershop.

In the movie, Pinky is known for his flamboyant personality, sharp attire, and distinctive hairstyle. Despite his intimidating exterior and involvement in illegal activities, Pinky has a humorous side to him and often engages in banter with the main characters Craig (played by Ice Cube) and Smokey (played by Chris Tucker).

Throughout “Friday” and its subsequent films, Pinky frequently interacts with Craig and Smokey as they find themselves owing him money or getting involved in various misadventures. Despite their conflicts, there are instances where Pinky shows some leniency or even helps out the protagonists in unexpected ways.

Pinky’s character adds humor and creates memorable moments within the storyline of “Friday”. His larger-than-life persona and comical interactions with other characters make him one of the standout figures in the film franchise.

Pinky in Next Friday was portrayed by Clifton Powell. Powell is also known for his roles in Ray, Deep Rising, Rush Hour, and Saints & Sinners.

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