Mr. and Mrs. Smith Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mr. and Mrs. Smith Costume

# Item Description
1 Black Formal Slip Dress What says sexy more than a black slip dress? It’s the early 2000s. Something this simple is already fashion-approved.
2 Black Stiletto Heels Pair your simple dress with a killer pair of black stiletto heels.
3 Thigh Holster Being a contract killer means having a weapon conveniently concealed at all times.
4 Black Three-Piece Suit A black three-piece suit looks expensive and very ‘International Spy’-ish.
5 White Dress Shirt Look classic with a crisp white dress shirt underneath your suit.
6 Black Oxfords Don’t forget to pair your outfit with Black Oxfords.
7 Silver Gun Have a matching pair of silver guns to look like the killer couple you are pun intended!.

How to make Mr. and Mrs. Smith (White Outfit)

# Item Description
1 Oversized White Dress Shirt Get that sexy bedroom look with an oversized white dress shirt. Make sure to wear shorts underneath for a bit of modesty.
2 Red Rain boots Having your house attacked is a good excuse for not looking at the pair of red rain boots you accidentally wore.
3 White Crew Shirt A white crew shirt is a good pajama alternative.
4 White Boxers If you’re in a hurry, a pair of white boxers is sufficient clothing.
5 Brown Boots Good thing you have a pair of brown boots nearby in case of emergency!

What are you going to do when the person you married is the person you need to kill? That’s the problem John and Jane Smith had to face. Well, being highly-skilled assassins also helped the problem but that’s beside the point. John and Jane’s marriage was deteriorating but having an army of contract killers chasing you will rekindle that easily.

John and Jane have two iconic outfits that you could wear as a couple. Dress in a sexy black slip dress and a three-piece suit to look formal and posh, or dress in an oversized dress shirt and your pretty white boxers to look ‘Just-woke-up-to-find-my-house-demolished.’ You’re choice! Here’s everything you need to look like Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

About Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith were portrayed by talented actors Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This movie was the start of the Brangelina fever, and was also the start of their off-screen romance.

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