How to Make Mr. Robot costume

Mr Robot Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Worn and Dirty Blue Jeans A dirty and worn piece of jeans is an inevitable part of the outfit if you want to look like a drifter.
2 A Classic Flannel shirt Find some plaid shirt, it would be a perfect choice for this occasion.
3 Unbuttoned Cardigan Sweater Mr. Robot likes to wear numerous pieces of clothes. So, a cardigan sweater seems like a nice addition. Make sure it is unbuttoned.
4 A Classic Military Light Windbreaker As we have mentioned, if you want to fit into the crowd, you must wear common pieces of clothes. This character prefers some kind of a simply-designed military-style windbreaker.
5 Unique Patch This pach is one of details that makes Mr. Robot recognizable among his companions.
6 Cashmere Scarf Even if safety is on the first place, you still have to wear some few stylish pieces like this one.
7 Baseball Hat Mr. Robot’s affairs are pretty illegal. For such actions, inconspicous look is probably the most important thing. Some classic baseball hat would be a perfect choice for this occasion.
8 Aviator Sunglasses Another perfect piece of accessories to keep you identity as secret. Mr. Robot prefers some kind of aviator-style sunglasses.

Portrayed by famous Christian Slater, Mr. Robot is one of the main protagonists of the homonymous TV Show. He is a co-founder of the secret hacker revolutionary movement fsociety. Through his virtual activity, he managed to inspire many people to fight against the world’s largest conglomerate E Corp. Although a charismatic and intelligent leader, he is actually a quite unstable person, which can be easily manipulated. One his main characteristic is a common sudden violent outburst.

Speaking of Mr. Robot’s outfit, his drifter-like outfit seems pretty natural, considering his illegal acts. His non-striking look is characterized by numerous pieces of worn, sometimes even dirty clothes. Some of the main pieces of his outfit are dirty and faded jeans, military-style wind jacket, cardigan sweater etc. Also, he likes to wear numerous accessories like scarf, sunglasses and baseball hat. So, making this costume shouldn’t be complicated, because most of the pieces you will probably find among your old clothes.

About Mr. Robot

The reasons why Mr. Robot started his fight are numerous. E Corp is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. Among their enterprises, it produces various kinds of electronic products like phones, computers etc. Still, the main reason why Mr. Robot fights this multi-national corporation is because it owns more than 70% of the global consumer credit industry.


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