Elliot Alderson (Mr. Robot) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

The main protagonist of the popular Mr. Robot series, Elliot Alderson, is definitely one of the most intriguing characters that we have seen in past few years. With numerous psychological problems like social anxiety disorder and clinical depression, he struggles with base social skills and lives pretty much isolated. On the other side, he is pretty active in the virtual world soon becomes recruited by the leader of a mysterious hacker group Mr. Robot.

Despite such unusual personality, his way of clothing is pretty simple. You definitely won’t have problems with dressing like this character. It is all pretty straightforward. Elliot prefers dark colors. Some of the most important pieces of clothes are dark jeans, jacket with hood and a black t-shirt with or without a small pocket on the left side.

Also, find some black ankle shoes. Also, consider adding few accessories. Since he is a hacker, a laptop would be inevitable. Finally, get some large black rucksack, where you can put the laptop and other necessary things.

How to make Elliot Alderson Costume

Elliot Alderson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Skinny Jeans Elliot prefers black color. These ones are skinny, but stretchable, action-ready
2 Black Pocket T-shirt The way of clothing of this character is simple, so a classic one-color dark T-shirt with or without a pocket is always a great choice.
3 Full-zip Jacket With Hood Elliot Alderson also loves comfortable clothes, so a loose hoodie jacket has always been his first choice.
4 Dark Ankle Sneakers To complete this casual style of clothing, you will need some dark ankle sneakers.
5 A Larger, Military-like Black Rucksack Since he is in a constant move, a large and versatile rucksack is an inevitable part of the outfit
6 Laptop the most important thing for every hacker!

About Elliot Alderson

Rami Malek, who portraits Elliot Alderson, has Egyptian roots, as well as creator Mr. Robot Sam Esmail. Esmail draw inspiration from his cousin from Egypt, who was among all those young people who started the Arabian spring. A young people use all advantages of the modern technology to fight for the better society.

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