Darlene Alderson (Mr. Robot) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Every good movie of TV Show needs one badass protagonist. Things become even better when you see a girl with such attitude. Darlene Alderson definitely meets these criteria. Although she had changed numerous pieces of clothes during these three seasons of Mr. Robot, she was always keeping that punk/grunge/urban/Lolita style of clothing.

Despite loose and often oversized clothes, as well as unusual combinations, she always looks sexy. Some of her most recognizable pieces of clothes are huge platform boots, loose long-sleeve shirt, loose-fitting sweaters of short jeans pants, oversized jackets etc. Also, she wears plenty of interesting accessories, line unique heart-shaped sunglasses, numerous rings etc.

Darlene Alderson is one very capable girl. She is a highly skilled programmer, a specialized malware coder, as well as a member of the secret anti-administrative hacker group “fhacker”. During her childhood, she had hard times pretty much always.

Along with her brother Elliot, she had a not so good relationship with her mother, who was often very mean to them. Moreover, she was kidnaped once, an wake up in the police station next morning.

How to Make Darlene Alderson Costume from Mr. Robot

Darlene Alderson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 High Waist Green Loose Fitting Shorts/Sweaters Darlene is a young and attractive woman, so this is a perfect piece to show her attitude.
2 White Long Sleeve Loose Button shirt Darlene definitely cares about her style. Still, she also wants to be always ready for action. For that case, this elegant but also very comfortable loose shirt looks like a perfect choice.
3 Knee High Red Socks This girl definitely knows how to spice the things for a bit. This small but highly effective detail will provide that small dose of “Lolita flavor”, something that is Darlene’s trademark.
4 Oversized Black Platform Boots This is another Darlene’s trademark. Find some large platform boots to complete this unique outfit.
5 Black Casual Jacket As we have mentioned before, this girl prefers a casual and comfortable way of clothing above all. So, such black hoodie jacket would be a nice addition. Darlene usually wears it unzipped.
6 Green Military Trench Jacket/Coat Green is definitely Darlene’s favorite color, so some military-like coat or jacket is another inevitable piece of clothes
7 Heart Shaped Sunglasses Besides several interesting pieces of clothes, there are numerous accessories as well. Heart-shaped sunglasses are some of them.
8 Casual Rucksack This would also be a nice addition.

About Darlene Alderson

Carly Chaikin portrays Darlene and she is not just a talented actress who already received numerous awards and instantly became fan favorite. She is also a successful writer and producer of short films. Some of her works are short movies like “Harder than it Looks” and Nowhere to Go, which was honored at the First Glance Film Festival in 2013

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