Nacho Libre Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Nacho Libre Costume

Nacho Libre Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Wrestling Mask Get a wrestling mask with red and blue color scheme.
2 Light Blue Leggings Look for a bright blue leggings or tights for men.
3 Red Underwear Find a big red underwear, and wear it on top of your leggings.
4 Red Cape A regular red cape would be perfect.
5 Red Wrestling Boots Get a pair of red wrestling styled boots.
6 Costume Mustache If you decide not to wear a mask, get a costume mustache to get Nacho’s look.
7 Curly Wig Don’t forget to pair up the mustache with a dark curly wig.
8 Wrestling Knee Pad Should be red in color
9 Full Costume Don’t have time to collect each item? You can also get a full costume here.

Nacho Libre’s iconic look from the movie is his wrestler’s outfit. He doesn’t have a shirt on, but he wears a bright blue leggings with a big red underwear on the outside like Superman. His wrestling boots are in red color, as well as his cape. Nacho also wears a classic wrestler’s mask in blue and red color. If you want to dress in Nacho Libre fun and hilarious style, then just check out our list for needed items down below!

About Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre, played by Jack Black, is the protagonist Nacho Libre, a comedy movie about a berated monk who wants to become a famous wrestler released, which was released in 2006. Nacho Libre is a cook in the Mexican monastery, where they take care of the orphans. He often feels overlooked and underestimated by other people. One day a new beautiful sister named Encarnación arrives at the monastery.

Nacho suddenly falls for her and figures out the way to win her attention as well as affection. Driven by passion for wrestling and despite the fact that Luchador (Mexican wrestler) is seen as a sin, Nacho dons a mask and cape and picks up a partner to compete in a local Lucha Libre tournament to try for the 200-peso prize so he can buy better food for the kids and achieve respect as well as impress Encarnación. In the end, Nacho manages to defeat all obstacle and wins everybody’s heart with Luchador.