Pedro Sanchez (Napoleon Dynamite) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Pedro Sanchez is Napoleon’s best friend. If you’ve seen the popular ‘Vote for Pedro’ shirts in the internet, well, he’s that Pedro. While Pedro didn’t know much English because he was a transfer student from Spain, he decided to run for class presidency. Napoleon and their other friends try to help him win.

Looking like Pedro is not difficult. Just remember to wear a fake wig and mustache because his is iconic. Then, pair that with a light blue button down, denim pants, brown oxfords, and a blue bolo tie. Here’s everything you need to look like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite.

How to Make Pedro Sanchez (Napoleon Dynamite) Costume

Pedro Sanchez Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Pedro’s Button Down Shirt Wear Pedro’s signature button-down shirt.
2 Denim Pants Pair your shirt with regular-fit denim pants.
3 Brown Oxfords Look smart in a pair of brown Oxfords.
4 Brown Cowboy Belt Keep your pants secure with a brown cowboy belt.
5 Blue Bolo Tie Accessorize with a blue bolo tie.
6 Curly Hair & Mustache Set Don’t forget to wear a wig and fake mustache for maximum effect.
7 Costume Set Don’t want to DIY your costume? Get this costume set instead!

About Pedro

Pedro was portrayed by Efren Ramirez. Aside from his memorable role in Napoleon Dynamite, Ramirez is also known for his roles in Casa de mi Padre, Mad Families, and Crank: High Voltage.

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