Swoop Bald Eagle Mascot Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Swoop the Bald Eagle Mascot Cheerleader Costume

Swoop Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full Costume You may quickly dress up as a Bald Eagle mascot cheerleader by wearing this full set.
2 Bald Eagle MAsk For a DIY take, you may wear this mask.
3 Onesie Then, wear an eagle onesie for a comfy finish.
4 Claws You can also wear these eagle claws for a more realistic look.
5 Jersey Wear a Philadelphia Eagles jersey to show your support for the team.
6 Pants Then, wear a pair of football pants.
7 Dogs Costume Your dog can also join in the fun by wearing this eagle costume.

You can start your eagle cheer by wearing this cool costume! While a full set is readily available, you may also go the DIY road and start with a bald eagle mask. Then, complete the costume by wearing a bald eagle onesie.

About the Swoop, the Bald Eagle Mascot Cheerleader

The Bald Eagle Mascot Cheerleader aka Swoop, the mascot for the Philadelphia Eagles, is depicted as a bald eagle sporting the team’s jersey. His fictional backstory narrates his hatching in the Eagles Forest of Neshaminy State Park, where he started as a bald eagle with limited eyesight and physical abilities but with a resilient and genuine heart.