Saitama / One Punch Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Saitama / One Punch Man Costume

One Punch Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow One-Piece Suit Wear a yellow unitard as the main piece of your Saitama costume.
2 Red Boots Wear an awesome pair of superhero boots to feel like the strong hero Saitama is.
3 Red Gloves One punch or two doesn’t make a difference. Wear a pair of red gloves to protect your hands from all the fighting.
4 Black Belt Add a little detail to your costume by putting on this black belt.
5 White Cape Feel like a classic superhero with this white cape.
6 Bald Cap Saitama is well-known for his bald head so wear a bald cap if you need to.
7 Full Costume Set You can also buy this costume set if you don’t want to DIY.

If you’ve ever wondered what a superhero would be like if he’s bored and indifferent, look no further than the protagonist of the hit Japanese anime One Punch Man.

Saitama’s so strong that he can usually finish off his enemies with a single punch. We could see how that could turn boring really fast. But interestingly, he’s not that well-known of a superhero. Saitama is considered one of the strongest heroes in the series yet he still opts for bright and sunny colors for his costume.

Saitama’s outfit is relatively simple. He wears a yellow jumpsuit, red boots, red gloves, and a white cape. But what makes him stand out among his superhero colleagues is his shiny, bald head. Here’s everything you need to look like Saitama from One Punch Man.

About One Punch Man

Saitama is the protagonist in the manga and anime “One Punch Man”. Saitama lives up to the series title as he can beat opponents with a single punch. Because of this ability, he grew bored in his ways as a “B” class hero. He is notoriously described as an easily-bored man who became a hero just because he thought it was fun.

At some point, Saitama joins the Hero Association. In here, he was assigned to the lowest rankings because he failed the written exam. However, Saitama has showcased his prowess when it came to physical ability. He earned his nickname Caped Baldy thanks to his white cape and iconic bald head.

Saitama was voiced by Makoto Furukawa in the Japanese version and Max Mittelman in the English version of One Punch Man.

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