Leslie Knope Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Leslie Knope Costume

Leslie Knope Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 A suit her suits are an iconic shade of gray.
2 Dress shirt patterned or plain is beautiful as she often wears either.
3 Heels sensible black or nude with about a 2 inch or shorter heel.
4 Wig curly blond
5 waffle necklace Optional
6 Pin Presiden Knope Red White Blue Stars Pinback Button Pin President

A couple of other things you can include to make your costume better is a waffle necklace, as a fun little acknowledgment of her obsession with waffles. Adding a curly blond wig is also a good idea for an extra accurate look. Leslie’s usual makeup usually consists of just some mascara and red lipstick.

Leslie’s outfits are not exactly fun or very fashionable, but they are a great representative of who she is. Her fashion sense is a representative of her personality. Just as her outfits are clean-cut, mature, and reasonable, Leslie herself has all of those qualities as a driven and dedicated individual. i

Her clothing is something that you might be able to find in your closet, and whatever you don’t have you can easily find online. This is what makes her costume easy to put together, and an excellent choice really for anyone. Here is an example of the clothing items you could use if you want to replicate her outfit for your next costume or cosplay.

About Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation

Leslie Knope is the main protagonist in the favorite comedy-drama show, Parks and Recreation. She is an energetic, independent, politically driven bureaucrat who is dedicated to servicing the public and making the government friendlier with better catering towards its people. Fans and viewers of the show will know she is a good-humored, over-achiever who has an exciting love for waffles and hopes to be the first female president.

Leslie Knope was introduced in the pilot episode of the Parks and Recreation TV show, and since then she had been a significant character with a substantial impact on the show. She many people’s favorite character in the series, and is a popular figure in today’s pop culture. With a Leslie Knope costume, you can bring a fun and interesting air to any event or party you attend.