Bill Clinton & Monica Lewinsky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s Costume

Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Bill Clinton Costume

# Item Description
1 Full Suit Get this suit jacket and matching pants.
2 Red Tie Choose a red tie to wear with the suit.
3 Shoes Wear your choice of black shoes to match the outfit.
4 White Wig Then complete his outfit with this wig, too.

Monica Lewinsky Costume

# Item Description
1 Blue Dress Get into Monica’s costume by wearing a dress.
2 Blazer Then wear a blazer on top of it.
3 Black Hair Make sure to nail her costume with a dark wig, too.

Bill Clinton wears a formal suit and tie outfit to the office. Be sure to add a greying wig to recreate his signature hair. Meanwhile, Monica wears a dress or a skirt to match her blazer. Top her costume off with a medium-length dark wig, too.

About Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton was a former President of the United States of America. Monica Lewinsky is a former intern at the White House. Clinton admitted to have been in an affair with the Lewinsky which would later on be known as the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. Repercussions on this affair was also a hot topic during his impeachment.

The sexual relationship between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky occurred from 1995-1997. The relationship was consensual and started when she was a 22-year-old intern at the White House. The two developed a close bond, but their intimate encounters were kept secret by both parties. However, during the public scandal of 1998, Lewinsky was called to testify before a grand jury and denied any sexual contact with the president. This led to President Clinton’s impeachment trial and eventual acquittal.