Joe Exotic (Tiger King) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2021

How to Make Joe Exotic’s Costume from Tiger King

These are the items you can wear to rock Joe Exotic’s look:

Joe Exotic Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shiny Top Start off with this sequined blue top.
2 Pants Pair the top with these blue pants.
3 Brown Holster Style the pants with a gun holster.
4 Brown Shoes Match the holster with this pair of shoes.
5 Mullet Wig Cop a blonde wig or a mullet-cut one.
6 Brown Cap Top the wig with a cap.
7 Mustache Wear this mustache to complete the look.
8 Stuffed Tiger Carry a to tiger, too.

Joe Exotic’s costume is indeed eyecatching. You can cop this look by wearing a shiny blue long-sleeved top. Then you can pair it up with your choice of pants. Then be sure to wear a brown gun holster on your waist and pair it with your brown shoes, too. You can nail the outfit with a mullet wig and fake mustache!

About Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic is a zoo operator and a felon. He became known as the Tiger King. He is hailed as such coz he is known as a great breeder of tigers.
In 2019 he was found guilty of animal abuse and murder for hire to murder the CEO of Big Cat Rescue.