Zarina The Pirate Fairy (Disney Fairies) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Zarina The Pirate Fairy’s Costume from Disney Fairies

Zarina Pirate Fairy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Top Get a white top to start the costume.
2 Corset Add a layer of brown corset.
3 Skirt Then, style the corset with a skirt.
4 Belt Wear a red belt to add a pop of color.
5 Boots Step on a pair of boots.
6 Ginger Wig Match Zarina’s hair with this wig.
7 Headband Get a gray headband.
8 Gold Earrings For a true pirate touch, wear a pair of gold earrings.
9 Wings Top off the costume with these wings.
10 Dagger Carry a toy dagger to complete the costume
11 Full Pirate Outfit You can also order a pirate costume here and style it with wings.

Zarina’s pirate look can be done with a corset top, skirt, boots, and a toy dagger. She also has ginger hair so be sure to wear a wig. Complete her outfit with a pair of wings and be prepared to turn heads on your next costume party!

About Zarina The Pirate Fairy

Zarina The Pirate Fairy is a character from the animated franchise Disney Fairies. Zarina is a curious dust-keeper fairy who is fascinated by blue pixie dust. She’s been told that playing with the dust is forbidden. However, she still got the dust and mixed it with ingredients from the “Pixie Dust Experiments” book where she found out it works marvelously.